Take a moment..The Pandemic July 2020

So, 2020 was suppose to be the year for all good things to happen. Getting organized, catching up, experiencing new adventures, and paying attention to self. Why not? What a cool year- 2020. Well, it started out fine.. LSU won the national championship… Amazing.. but things went downhill from there. Covid pandemic will be forever imprinted in our life list of events. Us forty somethings didn’t have a dearth of that. The challenger crash and the 9/11 trauma are just a few things that come to mind.

What we need to focus on is how to go thru this as humans….good humans. This pandemic isn’t going anywhere soon. It haulted our lives, changed how we live, and how we think. Actually, not changed but yanked and forced us to do things that maybe we are not comfortable with or haven’t done in a while.

Take a moment. Talk with your loved ones, take time to look at self and ways to take care of self. This is our chance to slow down. Don’t focus on the negative. Look at the positives…

Take a moment. Look at your health. ? are you Eating enough, are there ways you can change one thing about your nutrition for the better. Are you paying attention to your body? Do you need to go to the doctor? Do you need to walk or exercise more? Even if it is five minutes a day.. make that change.

Take a moment. Look and check on your loved ones and neighbors… When will you get an opportunity like this? Just a simple question, “How are you?” – it can help a person get thru a difficult day

Take moment. when was the last time you had an opportunity like this to just be with yourself? To focus on the simple things in life. To just be still….

And finally…..

Take control. Do what you can to contribute to your safety and others… you must know this by now- Wear the mask, Wash the hands, and Minimize Contacts. That’s all we know at this time that can reduce this covid, so let’s do it. Its in our hands. Don’t focus on the things we can’t control about this wretched disease. Lets take control. Stay Safe and Healthy and Be kind to yourself and others.

Rimi Singh, MD

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