1. Q. What if my insurance isn’t accepted by your office?
 A. You would have to pay for your visits on the date of service(before the start of  your appointment), however, we do file as a courtesy to all insurance companies; and if they pay on your visit then we will credit your account or reimburse you.
2. Q. Do you have to have a referral to make an appointment?
 A. No, you do not.

3. Q. How long will I wait for an appointment

 A. Appointments are scheduled according to the availability of the doctor or the other practitioners.

4. Q. Do you test for ADHD?

 A. No, we don’t test (neuropsych testing), but we do evaluate, diagnose, and prescribe medications. Medical Doctors are able to do evaluation and diagnose ADHD without formal neuropsych testing.

5. Q. Do you see men?
 A. Yes; men, women, and children of all age ranges.

6. Q. Are there counselors/therapists in your office?

 A. There are not, but we have two psychiatrists (medical doctors), a nurse practitioner, and a physician’s assistant.  We do have close relationships with therapists around the area and are able to refer you to one that may fit your needs.

7. Q. Can all the providers prescribe medications?

  A. Yes, all the doctors and other practitioners at the clinic are licensed to prescribe medications.

8. Q.  Do you see patients without insurance?

 A. Yes, our self-pay patients go thru the same intake process and have to pay for their clinic visit upfront  .