Take a moment..The Pandemic July 2020

Post by Rimi Singh

So, 2020 was suppose to be the year for all good things to happen.  Getting organized, catching up, experiencing new adventures, and paying attention to self.  Why not?  What a cool year- 2020.  Well, it started out fine.. LSU won the national championship… Amazing.. but things went downhill from there.  Covid pandemic will be forever imprinted in our life list of events.  Us forty somethings didn’t have a dearth of that.  The challenger crash and the 9/11 trauma are just a few things that come to mind.   

What we need to focus on is how to go thru this as humans….good humans.  This  pandemic isn’t going anywhere soon.  It haulted our lives, changed how we live, and how we think.  Actually, not changed but yanked and forced us to do things that maybe we are not comfortable with or haven’t done in a while.

Take a moment.  Talk with your loved ones, take time to look at self and ways to take care of self.  This is our chance to slow down.  Don’t focus on the negative. Look at the positives… 

Take a moment.  Look at your health. ? are you Eating enough, are there ways you can change one thing about your nutrition for the better.  Are you paying attention to your body?  Do you need to go to the doctor? Do you need to walk or exercise more?  Even if it is five minutes a day.. make that change.

Take a moment.  Look and check on your loved ones and neighbors… When will you get an opportunity like this?  Just a simple question, “How are you?” – it can help a person get thru a difficult day

Take moment. when was the last time you had an opportunity like this to just be with yourself? To focus on the simple things in life.  To just be still….

And finally…..

Take control.  Do what you can to contribute to your safety and others…  you must know this by now- Wear the mask, Wash the hands, and Minimize Contacts.  That’s all we know at this time that can reduce this covid, so let’s do it.  Its in our hands. Don’t focus on the things we can’t control about this wretched disease.  Lets take control. Stay Safe and Healthy and Be kind to yourself and others.

Rimi Singh, MD

Summer Fun or Blues-June 2019

Post by Rimi Singh

As summer is in full swing, parents tend to plan their kid’s schedule to keep them occupied or use it as a transition time.   The summer becomes a time for relaxation for some kids, and for others, a time for trying to encourage kids to take charge and make improvements.    Neither is a bad idea, but time and perspective are key. The kids are already maturing and growing up at record pace. More is expected from them at an earlier age.   The kids of this generation are learning things that we would only know in college. Part of it is social media, access to info, and the expectations placed by society.    The emphasis on getting ahead is immense and at times hard to keep up with. We need to let kids be kids. There is enough time to run the rat race. In this race, the kids are actually losing independence and problem-solving skills. 

Each day and moment is planned out and if any issues occur … things are addressed immediately- because who wants their kid to be behind. We need to give them time and space to be kids. They need to do things they enjoy and don’t necessarily have time for during the school year, maybe do nothing at all.  If we do have them running the race during the summer, the best summer learning will be for them to figure out things on their own. Independence and experience give kids the success even if they fail at it. Failure is a step closer to success.

Rimi Singh, MD

New Year Resolution-  Don’t let google be your doctor

Post by Rimi Singh

A recent study was done to find out if symptom checkers (web md) or the physician were more accurate in the diagnosis of symptoms.  The physician was found to be more accurate 72 percent of the time compared to 34 percent

No this is not a joke.  It was an actual study that was conducted by Reuters Health.


It’s great to be an informed patient.  It’s good to know about the disease process and treatments.  Studies show that patients who are informed are more likely to get treatment and stay with treatment.

There’s a catch though.  Being informed the right way.  So many times doctors are faced with the phrase “ I looked up on the internet and it said …..”

A few important things to keep in mind…..


-It’s crucial to know where the “facts” are coming from.

Are the facts backed by scientific data?  It is important to know the extent of the data… how many people were involved.. what was tested.. was the data skewed in any way..  were the people tested reflective of genuine population….

-Looking at blogs and patient “accounts”  and using the information as fact…. be careful…. Everyone can come up with stories about medication reactions and how certain medications work or don’t work.. everyone’s genetic makeup is different… different medications react differently to every individual…. And not everything you read is fact…

-There is no solid treatment template fit all…. Otherwise, every disease will be cured….There is an art and a method into treatment  that’s why doctors are experts


  • Where are the facts and opinions coming from? Experience matters…That’s why doctors go to medical school for four years, do residency/ fellowship for 4-6 years and continue to get the required education throughout their career…


Internet blogs and website are just that … they can’t look at the nuances and varying symptoms….


Definitely be an active and participating patient.. ask questions and make suggestions that may be valid… but then be open with your doctor to discuss and figure out the best treatment path for your disease and successful treatment.   There needs to be trust between the doctor and the patient.  And there needs to be faith in the MD degree…..

Be a Human Being

Post by Rimi Singh

This is the perfect reminder for all of us for the start of the school year. Parts Adapted from Feedytv.com

With the start of the school year,  our never-ending “to do” lists have probably resurfaced.   The drive to be perfect… to do more, be more, give more.   The pressure is brought upon more intensely with this social media generation.  “Look what I’ve done! Can you top this?”

The need to keep this up 24/7.  At what cost? To whose satisfaction? To end up facing criticism anyways?  To be disappointed anyway?

What will be accomplished with all this pressure? Will we be happy forever?  Will we have all the money in the world?  Will everyone around us be perfect?  Will our kids never make a mistake?

What is our most feared answer to the most feared question as a result of our drive for perfection and our never-ending to do list?

“What will you most regret when you are old?”

Heed the following simple advice when older women were asked about the current drive to do…. (this easily applies to both males and females)

-Don’t create a to-do list ..  create a don’t do list

-Give yourself time indulge yourself in things you didn’t think twice about before

-Extend those goodnight kisses and don’t gripe about the things to come or the things not done

-Spend an extra 5 more minutes on the dance floor (or something you enjoy doing)

-Pay attention to you!  You are the best caretaker of you!

-Remember you are a human being… being… get lost in that word

-Be at peace with the world

-Be kind to yourself

-Be kinder to others

-Be able to let go… and be proud to do so

-Spend more time being… not doing

-Relax, breathe, and let go…..


Rimi Singh MD


New Year New goals

Post by Rimi Singh

How many times have made some resolutions and we don’t accomplish them?  Almost always… Why do we set up ourselves for that failure every year?   We are human.  We want to accomplish and succeed at a goal we set up for ourselves.  We want to say… Done! I did it! It makes us feel good….  But when we don’t then we down ourselves and berate ourselves for not accomplishing that goal.

It’s good to set goals.  It’s good to try to achieve something…. But maybe let’s not set it up for disaster by going with the mob mentality of doing it on the day of New Years… Maybe try setting a “small” goal every month… Example… “I’m going to try to clean my hallway closet.”… Give yourself a month… if you don’t do it… try again next month…. Or enlist help… or do it by sections every week or two… Be sensible about accomplishing the goal.  If it’s not done was it really a priority?  Wasn’t it better just to get some sleep that month?

Don’t’ sweat the small stuff.  Live your life on your terms.  Let the crowd do its thing.  You do what makes you happy and at peace.

Rimi Singh, MD